Resistance to pests and pathogens, Diversity and Durability


bandeau ReDD

Our socio-economical and scientific rationales

  • There is a primordial need to fight pests and pathogens to reduce the use of pesticide by genetic resistance and by improving its durability.
  • We work on models of strong agricultural –and Mediterranean- concerns, crops: tomato, pepper, melon, peach, and arabidopsis as a model.
  • We tackle resistance to a diverse set of pests and pathogens: viruses, oomycetes, aphids and study different resistance mechanisms to biotrophs (effector-triggered resistances, loss-of-susceptibility to pathogens, polygenic resistances).

Our objectives

  • Characterize the genetic and functional bases of resistance
  • Unravel the diversity of plant genetic resistance factors
  • Provide new alleles and new genetic combinations of loci to enlarge the resistance spectrum, level and durability
  • Predict the capability of pests and pathogens to adapt to plants by exploring their interactions

Our projects

Axis 1: Resistance to viruses by loss of susceptibility

Axis 2: Oomycetes

Axis 3: Genetic and functional bases of resistances to aphids

Axis 4: Biotechnological approaches : genome editing and improvement of genetic transformation


Véronique LEFEBVRE


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