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Project funded by INRAE BAP et EUR IMPLANTEUS

21 June 2023


In search for resilience biomarkers in plants : using dendrometry for a dynamic monitoring of fruit tree health

21 June 2023


Adapting stone fruit to low pesticide use in a sustainable way: creation of tools for assessing resilience and exploiting genetic diversity using a multisite and multispecies orchard network
Standardization and harmonization of five vegetable seed collections using barcoding and stock-taking in order to optimize traceability and improve quality standards
ESCRT factors: new targets for virus resistance in plants
Genetic architecture of quantitative traits in plant-virus interactions: Consequences for the management of resistant and/or tolerant varieties at the landscape scale
Adaptation of the concept of agro-ecological immunity to crop protection: Rosaceae and Solanaceae, two case studies
Stop the Use of pestiCides on Seeds by proposing alternatives
Evaluate the sensitivity of varieties of peaches/nectarines and apricots to different pests and diseases
Designing REsilient stone fruit trees via integrative phenotyping in low phytosanitary input orchards and Association genetiCS

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