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The results of our work have been published and made available to the scientific community, professionals and the general public. We also create new varieties of fruits and vegetables, most often in partnership.

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Henri Duval, Eva Coindre, Sebastian E. Ramos-Onsins, Konstantinos G. Alexiou, Maria J. Rubio Cabetas, Pedro J. Martínez-García, Michelle Wirthensohn, Amit Dhingra, Anna Samarina and Pere Arús.
Adnane Boualem, Serge Berthet, Ravi Sureshbhai Devani, Celine Camps, Sebastien Fleurier, Halima Morin, Christelle Troadec, Nathalie Giovinazzo, Nebahat Sari, Catherine Dogimont, and Abdelhafid Bendahmane
Estelle Bineau, José Luis Rambla, Renaud Duboscq, Marie-Noëlle Corre, Frédérique Bitton, Raphaël Lugan, Antonio Granell, Clémence Plissonneau and Mathilde Causse
Aimeric Agaoua, Vincent Rittener, Christelle Troadec, Cécile Desbiez, Abdelhafid Bendahmane, Frédéric Moquet, and Catherine Dogimont.
Geographically and Phenotypically Diverse Collections and Their Use in Genetics and Plant Breeding
Lambert P, Confolent C, Heurtevin L, Dlalah N, Signoret V, Quilot-Turion B, Pascal T.
Severine Monnot, Henri Desaint, Tristan Mary-Huard, Laurence Moreau, Valérie Schurdi-Levraud, and Nathalie Boissot
Zafirov, D, Giovinazzo, N, Bastet, A, Gallois, J‐L.
Benoit Danilo, Laura Perrot, Kostlend Mara, Emmanuel Botton, Fabien Nogué, Marianne Mazier
A panel of 300 tomato accessions including breeding materials was built and characterized with 11,000 SNP. A population structure in six subgroups was identified. Strong heterogeneity in linkage disequilibrium and recombination landscape among groups and chromosomes was shown. GWAS identified several associations for fruit weight, earliness and plant growth.

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