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Genome ENgineering Improvement for Useful plants of a Sustainable agriculture
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Traditional tomato varieties and cultural practices
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Plant sex determination: functional characterization of the monoecy and gynoecy genes in Cucurbitaceae
Réalités et perspectives de l’écologisation en arboriculture fruitière. Pour une approche intégrant conception variétale, redéfinition des pratiques culturales, et coordination au sein du système agri-alimentaire, à partir du cas des vergers d’abricotiers et pêchers
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Exploitation of the knowledge on Oomycete effectors to drive the discovery of durable disease resistance in cultivated plants
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A COmbination of systems Biology and experimental high-throughput approaches to engIneer durable Resistance against plAnt viruses in crops
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Genetic, genomic and ecophysiologigal bases of tomato adaptation to water stress and other environmental stresses
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Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops
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Sustainable rules for managing virus and aphid evolution through host plant resistance
Development of tomato lines to investigate the translatome and application to two relevant examples involving response to stress and development
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