TRANSLATIT (2016 - 2017)

Development of tomato lines to investigate the translatome and application to two relevant examples involving response to stress and development

The TRANSLATIT project arose from the convergence between two GAFL teams, Rev and Qualitom,  based on a mutual need to understand gene regulation occurring at the level of the translatome (the mRNAs engaged in translation) under different conditions and in different genotypes. This step has been proven to be a major point of regulation in the cell between transcriptional changes and downstream regulation of the proteome.

During this project, we will develop the Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification (TRAP) technology that will allow us to precisely characterize the fraction of mRNAs engaged in translation. This approach has proven to be invaluable in Arabidopsis and we propose to develop it in tomato, providing a useful tool for the scientific community.

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