Axis 3: Genetic and functional bases of resistances to aphids

We characterize quantitative and qualitative resistances to aphids in the genetic diversity of peach (to the green peach aphid Myzus persicae) and melon (to Aphis gossypii) and we aims to develop durable resistances by studying their genetic and functional bases. We focus on qualitative resistances (R genes) that confer both resistance to aphids and to viruses that they transmit, in peach (Rm gene) and melon (Vat gene):

  • we characterize R genes and their homologs involved in the resistance (cloning and functional validation) and aphids effectors recognized by R genes. We study the resistance processes triggered by the recognition,
  • we assess the aphid adaptation to resistances (avoidance of recognition and adaptation to triggered processes). We aim to improve durability by modeling to define traits related to durability,  by identifying QTLs for these traits and ultimately, by combining R and QTL genes,
  • we develop biopesticides from secondary metabolites of peach involved in the resistance to the green peach aphid, which we found to be highly toxic to aphids

Relevant Publications

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