GAFL’s work generates large amounts of data that are, where possible, made available to the community.

Genomic and proteomic data

  • We supplied the SGN with a qtl meta-analysis for the potato. Link to SGN: Corresponding reference publisher:  (Danan et al., BMC Plant Biology2011)
  • We regularly file our genetic Prunus data on the databasis "Genome Database for Rosaceae" at this address
  • We contribute to the ICuGi website (International Cucurbit Genomics Initiative) by filing mapping data, such as those from the recombinant inbred lines Vedratais x PI 161375 population Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDB)
  • Melon mapping data in GnpIS (private).
  • (Archive) Evolutionary dynamics of Translation Initiation Factors EvoluTIF A database regrouping gene sequences of the translation initiation complex in plants. The data is reserved for participants of the EvoluTIF project.
  • (Archive) SOLstIS   A database on the proteome of the tomato. This site provides access to a public database and a database reserved for our contributors.

Data on pests and pathogens

  • We introduced data on aphid characterisation collected in different melon production areas from 2004 to 2015 on Dryad.  
  • We are participating in the COBRA project, in which the database presents viral factors that are implicated in the circumvention of plant resistances.    (reserved access, contact: Jean-Luc Gallois). 
  • We manage a database on nearly 200 isolates of Phytophtora that is maintained in the GAFL collection, with phenotypic and genotypic passport data (contact: Véronique Lefebvre).
  • We update a genetic database on the Aphis gossypii and Aphis frangulaeaphids: >10 000 individuals, >600 multilocus genotypes base on 8 SSR markers (contact: Nathalie Boissot).

Plant genetic resources characterisation data

Data linking genotypes and phenotypes

  • We added the characterisation data of accession fruits of the tomato onto Ephesis
  • We are currently busy entering our quality data on Prunus fruits into a database of the CEPIA department that is being created.
  • We supply date to the European FruitBreedomics project that regroups phenotypic and genotypic data (9kSNP) of our peach populations and peach collection, it contains data on peaches and apples of project partners.

Phenological data

The entirety of our phenological data on apricots are available on the database ACCAF PerPhéClim (in partnership with UR Agroclim)

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