INRAE Centre for Vegetable Germplasm (CRB-Leg)


The INRAE Centre for Vegetable Germplasm (CRB-Leg) manages Genetic Resources of 5 seed vegetable species: Aubergine, Lettuce, Melon, Pepper and Tomato. These collections of wild and cultivated genotypes are a source of genetic and phenotypic diversity. The CRB-Leg facilitates the use of these resources by the scientific community and particularly by the researchers of the GAFL research unit, which the CRB-Leg is part of.

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***An article on our germplasm centre has been published in the journal Plants in 2022. Follow this link.***

Our projects on root phenotyping can be found here: PARASOL (CASDAR), Aubcoll

The team CRB-Leg is also involved in: NECTAR, DOMISOL, PROGRACE et CODE-LEG.

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