Axis 2: Oomycetes


Oomycetes quickly overcome deployed plant genetic resistances, usually conferred by major resistance genes. Polygenic resistance with lower selective pressure and combining different geographical origins could slow down or hamper the pathogen’s ability to adapt to these combinations.

We identify and characterize plant quantitative factors in plants (tomato and pepper) and identify the aggressiveness factors in two of their oomycetes pathogens (Phytophthora infestans and P. capsici, respectively):

  • by exploring the natural diversity of vegetable crops and wild related species
  • by exploring the diversity within pathogens from cultivated and non-cultivated geographical areas
  • by studying the interactions between plant and oomycetes and deciphering partial resistance at the molecular level
  • by assessing robustness of these resistance to environmental changes (abiotic and biotic)
  • by developing new genotypes combining polygenic resistance alleles and challenging their efficiency to oomycetes

Relevant Publications

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Emmanuel Szadkowski (

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