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EFFECTOORES (2014 - 2017)

Exploitation of the knowledge on Oomycete effectors to drive the discovery of durable disease resistance in cultivated plants

The proposed research aims to use the knowledge in Oomycete effector genes to identify a priori durable resistance genes against plant pathogenic Oomycetes in three cultivated plants of economic importance in France: tomato, sunflower and grapevine. The proposal is divided in 5 different objectives: 1. Identification of conserved effectors through high-throughput sequencing of pathogen isolates; 2. Detailed analysis of effector variability in pathogen populations; 3. Identification of essential effectors through analysis of effector gene expression; 4. Identification of putatively durable resistance genes through transient expression of conserved effector genes in resistance sources; 5. Identification of pathogen avirulence genes through transient expression of effector genes in plants carrying known resistance genes. The proposed research will produce knowledge about effector variability from three Oomycetes and provide data for comparative genomics between pathogens. From the applied point of view this project will result in the identification of resistance genes with the potential of providing durable resistance, as well as the detection of eventual redundancies in resistance sources (e.g., resistance sources carrying the same resistance genes). The proposed research will thus allow a better utilisation of genetic resources for plant disease resistance.

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