GENIUS (2012 - 2020)

Genome ENgineering Improvement for Useful plants of a Sustainable agriculture

If successful, the project GENIUS (Genome ENgineering Improvement for Useful plants of a Sustainable agriculture) will provide French researchers and plant breeders with state of the art know-how, the necessary biological material and connected intellectual property rights for precise genome modifications in a variety of crop species, laying the basis for high throughput functional genomics and efficient plant breeding. Proof of concept will concern disease resistance, salt tolerance, plant architecture and quality traits. Studies on the regulatory, economical and philosophical context will complement the experimental work.

To reach these goals, in an unprecedented effort, GENIUS has assembled a consortium of 15 public and private partners – 10 public research units in biological or social sciences with 6 biotechnology and seed companies. This consortium will create synergy between field- or species-oriented entities into a technology-oriented community.

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