CIFRE SADON (2018 - 2022)

CIFRE SADON (2018 - 2022)

Adaptation of Aphis gossypii to the resistance conferred by Vat, a NB-LRR gene in melon

Like pathogens, aphids deliver effectors within the plant. However, the paradigm of the evolution of effectors facing NB-LRR type resistance does not explain all the phenotypes observed in the melon-Aphis gossypii interaction.

Aphids are insects that feed exclusively in the phloem of plants. Remarkably, Cucurbitaceae have a particular vascular system, double, one in the main vascular bundles, the fascicular phloem, and a second, peripheral of the main bundles, and dispersed through the cortical tissues of the stems and petioles. This vascular system could be involved both in the adaptation of Aphis to Cucurbits and to the melon carrying the Vat resistance.

The project aim to

1 / Identify the avirulence gene in A. gossypii eliciting Vat resistance (NB-LRR) in melon

2 / Identify in which phloem clones adapted or not to Vat resistance feed

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