01 November 2022



Research : Genetic and functional diversity of the NLRome/resistome in melon

Nucleotide-binding-site-leucine-rich-repeat (NLR) disease resistance genes encode the most important and one of the most variable family of plant resistance proteins. The characterization of their complete collection in a species (NLRome) would facilitate the creation of varieties with a very broad spectrum of resistance. However, although many efforts have been made, the specific role of each NLR gene remains largely unknown in melon. This lack of knowledge is linked to a sequencing/assembly/annotation which have not been satisfactory using short reads technologies due to the complex structure and organization of these genes, frequently arranged in clusters that include a high level of presence-absence polymorphisms. To solve this problem, Nanopore Adaptive Sampling (NAS) is a cost- and labor-effective approach that provides long reads and selectively sequences pre-defined target regions.

Our project pursues the implementation of NAS to fully describe the NLRome of melon, to understand its role in the expression of immunity against a wide range of pests and pathogens and to explore the possibilities of recombination in a complex NLR cluster. To achieve this objective, genetic association studies will be performed combining the phenotype of several hundreds of accessions with the genomic data generated by NAS.

Director and Co-Director :

Nathalie Boissot (INRAE GAFL, Avignon, France) and Patricia Faivre-Rampant (INRAE EPGV, Evry, France)

Education and training:

2022-present: PhD in biology and genomics, Doctoral School of Sciences & Agrosciences (ED536): Avignon University – Avignon, France

2021-2022: Master 2: Master in Plant Breeding: Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) - Valencia, Spain

2020-2021: Master 1: Master of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Food and Environment: Institut Polytechnique Unilasalle – Beauvais, France

2016-2020: Bachelor’s degree – Biotechnology, specialization in Plant Biotechnology: Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) - Valencia, Spain


March 2022 – August 2022: Internship (Master 2) research assistant in plant breeding: “Search for QTLs involved in the nitrogen stress response in tomato using a segregating MAGIC population”". INRAE ​​GAFL – Avignon, France. Internship supervisor: Mathilde Causse

May 2021 – August 2021: Internship (Master 1) hybrid rye breeder assistant. KWS – Wohlde, Germany.

October 2019 – June 2020: Internship (Bachelor) research assistant in plant breeding: "Evaluation of the effect of mycorrhization in eggplant and pepper subjected to abiotic stress". COMAV UPV – Valencia, Spain


Publication date : 21 June 2023