HEREIL Alexandre

01 October 2021



Functions - Research topics

“ Association genetics and genomic prediction under abiotic stress : application to tomato ”

General objective:

The objective of my thesis is divided in two parts: The first is to continue the research on the identification of the genetic components of tolerance to abiotic stresses in tomato. This work will focus on the study of salt stress tolerance by association genetics, focusing on agronomic, ionomic and metabolomic traits.

In a second phase, I will re-analyse all the phenotypic data on tolerance to abiotic stresses produced by the team in order to (1) synthesise the impact of the various abiotic stresses on the main quality QTLs, (2) understand how to exploit these data to put genomic prediction under abiotic stress into practice.

Field of expertise

Quantitative genetics, bioinformatics, plant physiology

Training and Career

2014-2017 : Bachelor's degree in Cell Biology and Physiology, Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse)

2017-2019 : Master Plant Integrative Biology and Breeding, Clermont-Auvergne University (Clermont-Ferrand)

2019-2020 : Engineer, INRAe GAFL (Avignon)

2020-2023 : PhD student in quantitative genetics, INRAe GAFL (Avignon)


Publication date : 21 June 2023