29 May 2017


Equipe REDD

Functions – Thematic Researched 

Since January 2017, I participate in the GENIUS project (Genome ENgineering Improvement for Useful plants of a Sustainable agriculture), which aims to implement new biotechnology in tomato, for targeting genetic changes in specific locations in the genome (CRISPR-Cas 9).

My work is to perform, in tomato, replacements and modifications in endogenous alleles in more favorable alleles, involved in resistance to viruses. This is possible thanks to the new genome editing technologies that can modify precisely and specifically the sequences of our genes of interest.

Skills: molecular biology (cloning, transgenesis, protoplasts, genome editing, CRISPR-Cas 9), cell biology, bacteriology, in vitro culture, genetic

Formation and Career  

 Academic Degrees:

2014-2016: Research Master Degree “Integrative Plant Biology, Gene, Plant, Agrosystem”, University of Poitiers (86), FRANCE, Lien (

2011-2014: Bachelor Degree “Ecology and Biology of Organisms”, University of Poitiers (86), FRANCE


2016: Biomolecule and Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, University of François Rabelais, Tours (37), FRANCE

2015: Cell and Plant Physiology Laboratory, CEA – Grenoble (38), FRANCE

2014: Multidisciplinary for Grasslands and Forage Crops Research Unit, INRA – Lusignan (86), FRANCE


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Projet GENIUS (


Publication date : 21 June 2023