BRAND-DAUNAY Marie-Christine

07 June 2018


Equipe CRB

Functions : I devote the end of my carreer (i) to conclude my research activities (publications) and (ii)) to use my professional networks for contributing to the emergence of promising research topics at GAFL or INRA.


Main Research Field: Eggplant Genetics


Competency Domains : plant breeding, genetics, genetic resources, vegetables, Solanaceae, eggplant (aubergine).



1986 PhD Université Marseille -Saint Jérôme (France) : " Adaptation de l’aubergine au climat méditerranéen : caractères morphologiques et physiologiques impliqués ».

1982 MSc, Université Marseille Saint Jérôme (France), Option « Développement et Amélioration des plantes ».

1977 Diploma of Ingénieur des Techniques Horticoles ENITAH (National school for Engineers of Agricultural Techniques, option Horticulture).



2013-2016     leader of the Vegetables Genetic Resources group (CRB-Leg) at INRA Unit « Génétique et Amélioration des Fruits et Légumes ».

2009-2014     Chair of the ECPGR Vegetables Network.

2008-2014     Vice chair of the ECPGR Solanaceae Working Group.

2001-2008     Chair of the ECPGR Solanaceae Working Group.

1999-2004     Coordinator of the EGGNET project on the Management and Characterization of Eggplant Genetic Resources in the European Community (project RESGEN n°113).

1996-2016     Coordinator of the French network on Solanaceae Genetic Resources (eggplant, pepper, tomato).

1977-2018     in charge of research programs on eggplant and of management of eggplant germplasm at GAFL.


Main Publications (2010-2018)


Daunay M.C., Laterrot H., Scott J.W., Hanson P., Wang J.F., 2010. Tomato resistance to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum E.F. Smith: ancestry and peculiarities. Tomato genetics Cooperative 60: 6-40.

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Salgon S., Raynal M., Lebon S., Baptiste J.M., Daunay M.C., Dintinger J., Jourda C., 2018. Genotyping by sequencing highlights a polygenixc resistance to raslstonia pseudosolanacearum in eggpklant (Solanum melongena L.). Int. J. of Molecular Sciences 19, 357, DOI: 10.3390/ijms19020357



Publication date: 21 June 2023